Saturday morning 10.00 o’clock: Just over 60 Cnossens and Knossens have gathered on board the “Toerist V” of shipping company Van der Werf from Sneek. The boat was moored in the Sneek city center, next to a big parking space where the Cnossen Knossens could park their cars.

After being served with coffee and traditional “oranjekoek” the Foundations president Jelle (Bz) welcomes the participants, in particular the familymembers from the US and Canada.

Since the last Reunion in 2009 in Hindeloopen several family members passed away, among them our members of honour Pieter Cnossen and Simen Cnossen. To remember them we keep a one minute silence period.

After that the President tells the audience about the continuing research towards our ancestors. The Board has hired a professional genealogist, drs Ype Brouwers. Mr Brouwers has very precise investigated the ownership of all pieces of land in the 15th and 16th century around the hamlet of Knossens, located to the southeast of Bolsward. From this investigation some new facts about our roots have been discovered. Our Family origins from the easter of two dwelling mounds in the village and not from the wester one as was thought until now. Also the female decendency is at an other location in our Family tree than thought until now. Also the “noughty”pastor, Mr  Wybe, is not part of our genealogy tree anymore. Some of the attendees show to be glad about that.

The total research report of Mr Brouwers is now 100 pages and contains many interesting facts, a much improved genealogical tree of our oldest family members and a lot of references toward scientific sources. The document will become the heart of the to be published Familybook number 2. In a follow up research Mr Brouwers will try to find the missing link towards the Cnossens from Leeuwarden and he will try to find more about our oldest ancestor Upcka Johan.

Than Jelle Pz, vice President, tells the audience about new facts about the origin of the name Cnossen Knossen. This name is found already in the early middle ages in several places in Europe and points most probably to the name of a kind of people Quoss, meaning “originating from the North”.

After all this information it is time for a drink and after that we get an appetite and a healthy lunch is served. In the mean time the Cnossens and Knossens keep talkign to each other, because that is what they like to do. During the lunch the President announces makes public the names of the winners of the childrens color match and the “checker” match.

1e price category 3-6 years: Inèz Cnossen from Hoofddorp. Inèz is present at the reunion and receives a prelimenary price. The real price, a DVD of Wicky the Viking, will be sent by postmail.

1e prijs category 7-10 years: Carmen Bolt from Zwolle. She gets a DVD of Asterix and the Vikings.

3-year old Femke van der Burg from Drachten receives a statement of honour because she has, as the jury says, composed a very pretty colorful composition. And the jury knows its job because the jury is an professional artist: Gerrit Cnossen (FCN 6.277).

For the “checkers” match there were two contendors. One of them, Johan Cnossen (FCO, was present and was congratulated by the President. The other winner is mrs Rinkje Flapper Cnossen (FCN from Canada. Both winners receive a Cnossen Knossens code of Arms marked paper knife. Johan after that tells the audience about his former contacts with the inventor of the checker problem.

After the lunch we visit the Museum of Agriculture in Eernewoude and after that we start the boat trip back to Snits. On the way back the President pulls the lotery prices together with young Ruben (8jr).

At 5 o’clock the boat moores again in Snits and we say goodbye to each other.

We all agree on the fact that “who was not present today, missed something”. For the Board the attendence of several young Family members is encouraging.

See you all in 2015.